Rafael Fuchs is our artist in residence in 2015

Rafael Fuchs has been called many flattering names such as Mayor of Bushwick (Brooklyn/NYC) and secular rabbi of Bushwick. Perfectly connected our artist in residence is preparing his photo-based book about Bushwick the most vibrant artistic neighborhood in New York. He was spotted at Paradeplatz in Zurich’s City.


Anja Sieber’s Astronomicus Nuncius at Zurich fair Kunst 15

With an explosive range of colors expressed in 15 paintings based on Galileos Galilei’s texts, German artist Anja Sieber makes us explore the universe.


Comprehensive sculpture exhibit by Picasso at the MoMa

It’s a truly fantastic experience to learn that every period
of Picasso’s paintings went along with a considerable number of sculptures created over six decades.




Richard Garrison show at Robert Henry Contemporary in Bushwick/Brooklyn

Albany based artist Richard Garrison has been busy studying consumption practices in American households.
In his latest show at Robert Henry Contemporary he re-invents his analytical views transforming product packaging
into beautifully composed colourful works on paper as well as parking lots he’d used over a period of 1 ½ years
depicting every lot’s colour with its corresponding colour that particular day. 5 works sold within minutes
after the show had been opened to VIP guests.



“Brooklyn Bridge” exhibition – Derek Lerner at ROCO

Our Derek Lerner was talking on Fox Rochester News about his latest exhibition called “Brooklyn Bridge” at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center (ROCO).
“Brooklyn Bridge” was a group show of five upcoming New-York based artists that were presenting together for the first time.

Abstract of a note by Christine Frerichs, Artist

My primary intention for the painting was to create an open abstract space of saturated color and flickering light that the viewers feel as though they want to “enter”. I have been making these Doorway like paintings, since 2007, but this painting is by far the most intense and visually complex, which I think is making it so appealing to people!

The original inspiration for these types of Doorway paintings came from being blown away by a Fra Angelico exhibit at the Met Museum a while ago. He was an Italian painter and Dominican Friar working in the early 1400’s, and I noticed that in nearly every painting, he would include an open doorway. It was so curious to me, and I began to understand these painted doorways symbolically as a space of “potential” in his paintings. Meaning, he gives us the narrative of people interacting and telling a story, and then places a doorway next to it to represent an “open door” to other narratives, or other people entering or exiting the scene. People often discuss paintings as “windows” into other worlds. But I wanted to do more than look through a window-like painting…I wanted to give a full-body experience of feeling like you could walk into the painting.. I had not seen painters addressing this doorway idea, so it felt like a unique way to continue the conversation, in an abstract form.

Whitney Wood Bailey and Gustav Klimt share a kiss

Whitney Wood Bailey’s work is an amazingly beautiful homage to Gustav Klimt’s “der Kuss” (1907-1908). See how
much the two works have in common and where the differ from each other.

WWB_OrderChaos45_TheKiss_BLOG Gustav_Klimt_BLOG

Neue Galerie’s Christmas Celebration on 5th Av…

…turned out to be an intimate event where art lovers and collecters from NY and overseas gathered. Nibbling on delicious mini Wiener schnitzel, sipping Austrian wines and listening to live jazz were wonderful side effects to the temporary exhibit showing portraits by Egon Schiele.

Henri Matisse Cut-Outs at the MoMa

We’ve seen Matisse exhibitions in major museums around the globe. However the comprehensive body of cut-outs curently shown at New York’s MoMa presents his last period in a refreshingly bright light.

New artwork in our collection

Our latest acquisition is Barcelona-born Enric Aromi’s work “Wind on Sapphire Skin”. The photographer’s picture is enriched and finished with his unique usage of new media and computer technique. The subject matter is a beautiful mode. Her eyes, lips and pose, make references to Paul Gauguin’s “Portrait of a Mother” (1894).

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