New acquisition: Carol Surface’s triptych A Graceful Journey

Several works by Carol Surface have enriched our art collection over the past years. However, the newest addition to the collection has surpassed all the expectations we have for Surface. The work in question is a commissioned work which strongly displays similarities of a different work by Carol, namely Retroplay Redemption. The head of the collection requested a commission which would be inspired by the very work Retroplay Redemption. However, we can infer that A Graceful Journey is an evolution rather an imitation.

Despite gathering inspiration from a past work, the triptych is reminiscent of Sam Francis with its vivid and bursting use of colors while the hollow background of the canvas echoes the work of Cy Twombly. We are humbly pleased with the evolution of Surface’s style and technique while we are eager to continue to watch her grow as an artist.

The artist is very pleased with the final results of her work and describes the creation as having been a journey itself. In order to successfully execute her work and garner as much artistic energy and inspiration as she could, the artist listened to her favorite albums. Some of these albums have not been heard for the multiple years which allowed her to listen with new ears and a fresh perspective. Making new discoveries in the songs made it possible for the artist to channel those delightful revelations into her triptych. The beauty and joy that surrounds the artist’s aura has been implanted into her work. Surface considers A Graceful Journey to be one of her masterpieces.

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