Derek Lerner’s AVEX 3 X-rays modern civilisation

In June 2016 Derek Lerner’s AVEX3 was added to our collection. It is one of a series of six panels that will be adorning MTA station at Ave. 10 in Brooklyn, NYC. To compare a satellite photograph of the bespoken area with the artwork, clearly detects parallel structures. It is a logical consequence that Derek Lerner was chosen to decorate the MTA station in New York because his artwork deconstructs the foundations of this rapid growing city.

The technique is typically Lerneresque. He uses pen and ink on paper to create semi- fictional maps or one could also say carcinogenic structures. The artist explores with his art dualities between natural growth and the destructive human overdevelopment. His artwork meanders between strong, clear lines and almost faded structures. By using this specific technique he documents both the completion and destruction of certain sites. By using the pen he is not only drawing but almost writing down the history of human civilisation, over-consumption and urban sprawl.




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