Sanda Iliescu makes the rules

Last March our collection was happy to welcome a new artist in its rows. Sanda Iliescu is a Romanian born US artist, who currently lectures at the University of Virginia. Iliescu’s artwork stands out due to its joyfulness and at the same time its clarity.

Her technique reminds of James Joyce’s stream of consciousness. She lets her hand to follow its own journey and her mind to invent new rules during the creation process.

At the same time this approach unveils basic structures of our society. Nothing is guaranteed.

The contemporary sword of Damocles called ‘waste and excess’ constantly hangs above Iliescu’s creating. Thus she isn’t afraid to use smaller sizes, daily materials and basic drawing devices for her oeuvre.

The artist proves with her medium sized and captivating colourful artworks how close play and seriousness are located to each other. We are excited to have some of Iliescu’s art in our collection.

Lacedaemonian Lakes- no.9Lacedaemonian Lakes- no.12

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