Nadine Faraj enriches our art collection

Last March three intense works of the Montreal based artist Nadine Faraj were added to our collection. Her art leaves no one untouched. It creates “pure intimacy” as Sébastien Hudon writes.

Faraj finds her inspiration where humanity ever since fed their phantasies from: Eroticism.

She is not afraid to approach this well-discussed and this controversial theme in her very own contemporary manner. The artist therefore uses the millennial iconography of eroticism: pornography and books of erotic art. She takes this hegemonic, traditional male experience and conquers it with her sensual, feminine art.

Faraj searches for a shameless, natural approach with her technique and unites water, colour and the flesh of paper. Hudon says: “For it is understood, when used directly and without masking, watercolour infiltrates where it should not.”

The results are astonishing. Faraj’s art oscillates between form and formlessness, between provocation and closeness. We are thrilled to have her in our collection.


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