“Web1” by Etty Yaniv joins our art collection

Recently we purchased Web1 by Etty Yaniv. The round, three-dimensional shape which juts out of the wall draws automatically attention to it. From further away it resembles a planet which color transcends from blue to a tender pink. The object seems alien and unknown. But if you look closer you can recognize the different layers and the people printed on the material. The artwork has its origin in the midst of our familiar society.

Etty Yaniv’s art is inspired by nature and mostly by its turbulences. She uses discarded material like synthetic gloves and plastic bags to create her objects. Thus her art hovers between nature and culture, between dream and reality, between the artificial and the organic.

Every layer of the artwork is a moment in time, a memory which hides the prior and is hidden by the following. You can see the influence of her many residences in Tel Aviv, Leipzig and New York through time.

With her art she also depicts transition and change. By using discarded material she changes the temporary aspect of the material to an almost eternal function.

As you can see Etty Yaniv’s art is full of complex ideas, paradoxes, wit and personality. We are proud to have her in our collection.

Etty Yaniv Web 1_2015

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