The Shopping Cart Inertia series by Richard Garrison lately joined our ElephanArt Collection.

The series was part of the Off the Shelf exhibition at the Robert Henry Contemporary Gallery in New York during September and October 2015. The spindly web resembling artworks were created during a performance of the artist. He placed a self-constructed wooden box which was equipped with a pen holder on ball in a shopping cart. Garrison searched with this prepared cart the products of sales circulars of the box- in mall stores he visited. The pen drew down the movement and also Garrison standstills. The ink then created a dot. The longer he stood, the bigger the spot became. At the bottom of the drawing he noted the goods in his cart.
Garrison’s method reminds of lyrical abstraction and resembles as well Franz Klein’s work, Brice Marden’s Cold Mountains or even Jackson Pollock’s art.
His strategy is very analytical. He wants to objectively dissect the scenery of the common American suburban landscape. Garrison deconstructs the quotidian objects and creates a kinaesthetic, personal, non-judgemental examination of the visual, emotional and conceptual aspects of consumerism.

Shoppig Cart2

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