Abstract of a note by Christine Frerichs, Artist

My primary intention for the painting was to create an open abstract space of saturated color and flickering light that the viewers feel as though they want to “enter”. I have been making these Doorway like paintings, since 2007, but this painting is by far the most intense and visually complex, which I think is making it so appealing to people!

The original inspiration for these types of Doorway paintings came from being blown away by a Fra Angelico exhibit at the Met Museum a while ago. He was an Italian painter and Dominican Friar working in the early 1400’s, and I noticed that in nearly every painting, he would include an open doorway. It was so curious to me, and I began to understand these painted doorways symbolically as a space of “potential” in his paintings. Meaning, he gives us the narrative of people interacting and telling a story, and then places a doorway next to it to represent an “open door” to other narratives, or other people entering or exiting the scene. People often discuss paintings as “windows” into other worlds. But I wanted to do more than look through a window-like painting…I wanted to give a full-body experience of feeling like you could walk into the painting.. I had not seen painters addressing this doorway idea, so it felt like a unique way to continue the conversation, in an abstract form.

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